Choosing your bridal bouquet

Bridal bouquets for a soon to be bride is a big deal since choosing the right flowers can be overwhelming and sometimes difficult. There are four basic categories that bridal bouquets fall into: monochromatic, wildflowers, formal and contemporary and I’ve broken them down so you can decide which bouquet suits your wedding!


In most cases this is an all-white, hand-tied bouquet traditionally filled with calla lilies, stepFormal wedding bouquethanotis, and vendela roses. This particular category of bouquet is meant to be an elegant accessory to the gown, not to compete with it. Often, the bouquet is secured with a satin ribbon. This arrangement might be the priciest of the bunch as these blooms tend to be expensive. Keep in mind that white buds bruise easily; be sure to keep them in a cool, shady spot where they won’t wilt.


Three to five heads of large, single-hued flowers, such asMono lavender roses, purple hydrangea, florigene carnations, alstromeria, also work well because there’s little color variation in the petals. Filler is minimal; stock, lavender and statice are a lovely choice and the kale provides just enough greenery as shown. Simple arrangements pair nicely with a more detailed or busier dress. Good news, these blooms are much more affordable if you don’t want to splurge. Be sure to steer clear of narcissi as their oozing stems can ruin a dress!


This can be a very stylized type of bouquet as shown here. Some white muscari, arabicum chincherinchModern-Wedding-Bouquet-Ideasee, viburnum opulus, hot chocolate calla lilies and cymbidium orchids. When it comes to the add-ons, brides may get inventive, adding everything from fruit to diamond studs or pearls. Tie the stems with chiffon ribbon, which, unlike other fabrics, won’t stain when submerged in water.


A variety of types, colors and textures of cultivated wildflowers- such as a mix of lisianthus, roses, asters, larkspur, rosemary, purplWildflowerse sage, hydrangea and allim seed heads, daisies, alchemilla mollis and cornflower. This is ideal for a very rustic, outdoor affair and these bouquets often look beautiful tied with twine. This is more difficult than it looks although it seems more DIY- let the professionals handle it.

No matter what your bouquet style is, rest assured there is one that will perfectly suit your big day!Ask your wedding planner what would work best with your dress, theme and personal preference!

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