3 ways to avoid overspending your wedding budget and keep you on track

So often, couples get caught up in the moments they share during the planning stages and the overall excitement that before they realize it, they’ve overspent on their budget. I am sure that you have all been told that “the first year of marriage can be the most difficult,” so adding on financial debt to that potentially difficult adjustment period will result in stress levels going  through the roof. No one needs that, so here are 3 easy ways to avoid overspending on your wedding.

  1. Hire a Planner

weddingplanner2I know what you are thinking “Ashley you are a planner, you’re selling yourself” and while you are absolutely correct, I am a planner; the reason why you are reading this post is because I know what I am talking about BECAUSE I am a planner. Planners know the in’s and out’s of the wedding industry and if they don’t, they find out so you don’t have too. They have relationships with vendors and can negotiate expenses for you. Yes, planners can seem costly, but only to those to who don’t recognize their value. Planners can make a living off wedding planning because it takes the same amount of time and effort as your full time job. Our jobs are to do the work for you from start to finish, so as to minimize your stress level as a couple and leave more room for shopping for the dress! Speaking  of the dress…

  1. The Dress

Sorry ladies, I know the dress is essentially the most important aspect of your planning but it can also be the most costly. This is not to say you aren’t supposed to have the dress of your dreams but if your dress costs $6000 and your guests are eating hotdogs roasted over an open fire…you see where I am going with this. Do some research and find out when the bridal trunk shovestido-corpows are and where the designer bridal gown sales are…or (ahem) if you’ve hired a planner, find out from your planner and they will give you some direction. If you overspend in this area, it will spill into cutting your guest list short to ensure everyone’s dinner and drinks are covered or having to skip the florals and décor to spruce up your venue. Now, having mentioned the venue…

  1. The Venue

Bride drinking and groom on laptopSearching for the venue can be tiring but its necessary unless you plan to get married in a lovely outdoor backyard ceremony. In that case, you won’t be paying for the venue, or corking fees, or insurance, or any other “undercover” behind the scenes fees that are in the fine print of your contract that you may not have caught. Prime example, I did a “day of” wedding coordination this past year and by the time the reception was well under way and everyone was having a great time, the venue coordinator text messaged me. She asked if the celebration would be done by 1:30am, as in everything done, cleared out and over. I told her no way, she proceeded to tell me that if that was the case, the couple would be charged an additional $500. I ended up being able to negotiate with her and luckily it worked out but because the bride and groom hadn’t fully looked over the fine print, they almost got nipped! (Again, perks of having a planner- the venue coordinator would’ve had to interrupt the bride and groom in the middle of the party to break the bad news).

Although there are many ways to save, these are just 3 of the biggest and will ensure that your wedding planning not only continues smoothly but without the stress of overspending. The first year of marriage shouldn’t be under the burden of financial debt but the focus of solidarity and building towards a bright future for the both of you.

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