A few ways to include a deceased loved ones on your wedding day

For most of us in this world, nothing is worse than losing someone we love. I’ve had clients whom have lost grandparents, fathers, mothers and siblings and not being able to have them there to celebrate with you can be painful. Although they can’t physically be there, I do have some suggestions as to how you could incorporate them into your special day.

Deceased Dad1Pictures

Parents huffington postWhat I absolutely love about this way of remembering your loved one is that the sky is limit. Some brides set up a smaller table with photographs or a collage of their loved ones, or attach tiny pictures to their bouquet (for those of you who have lost fathers, this is a great way to still have him with you when you walk down the aisle). I have seen a few brides set up chairs in the front row of the ceremony with pictures of grandparents with a sign saying “In Loving Memory”. It’s a beautiful way to keep those you have loved and lost close to you on your wedding day


In many instances, a family member who has been chosen to give a speech will Remebering Themalways pay a tribute to a beloved family member who has passed. They may share a few jokes or perhaps words of wisdom they shared on someone else’s wedding day and pass it along to you. Other ways could be to share a favorite poem of the deceased, a favorite saying they had or a toast they always made at family dinners. Honoring them in this way although they can’t be there, will bring back lovely memories during a happy occasion.


For those of you who perhaps lost parents or grandparents, by using the song they first danced too is a great way to cherish their memory. If it’s not the first dance then perhaps it could be the very song your mother or grandmother walked down the aisle too. Likewise, if you have lost one parent or grandparent, dancing with them to the song that was their first dance on their wedding is a sweet way to include them both.


If you would like to keep their inclusion a little more discreet, perhaps keeping something personal that belonged to them close to you on your wedding day would have more meaning. For example, carrying their handkerchief with you, wearing their favorite  tie or have their wedding band tucked away in your dress/pocket.Images

Although gone, there are countless ways to ensure their memory is kept close to you and those you love who are left behind on your wedding day. Talk to your family and betrothed and get some ideas or thoughts on how to include them that will make it a beautiful day for everyone.

Images provided by: inkedweddings.com; huffingtonpost.com; brooklynbetrothed.wordpress.com;

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