Trending Bridal Accessories

One of my favourite aspects of planning is the hair; lame I know but until I get married I will live vicariously through my brides- bridal hair is exciting! The sky is the limit; it really just depends on the theme of your wedding and personal style. This is one aspect where you can essentially get whatever it is that you want! Bridal accessories can always enhance the theme and tone of the overall bridal look, here are some ideas.

1.  Leaves only crowns

leaf-bridal-crown2Floral crowns are lovely but they are officially overdone like a played out Taylor Swift song on the radio. Leaves only crowns simplifies the look, keeping it still very pretty but not nearly as overwhelming. Real leaves can be used and might last long than flowers as well.

2.  Headpieces

Pronovias as designed several gorgeous headpieces in their 2016 collection and this was one of my faT20-2450vourites. Headpieces can add some sparkly drama to any bridal style that is simple. With a piece like this, you can put your hair up, down or half up and it would compliment it just the same. Keep your earrings small and simple while wearing this with your hair up.

3.  Baby’s breath

babys breathThe larger flowers like the crowns again have been overdone but with smaller daintier blooms it can add to the intricacy of the style. It adds a romantic flare to pretty waves and braids and takes no time at all!

4.  Origami Hair Accessories

This is really new but was seen on the runway with Carolina Herrera gowns via Kerastase Paris. For all of you fashion forward brides that want a bit of an edge to go with perhaps a softer hairstyle, this could be it.  Be sure to have your piece designed based on your hairstyle and face shape so it doesn’t crowd your features.  2015-Bridal-Beauty-Trends-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-1

These are only a few of the newer bridal hair accessories that are trending this year but you can also opt for more classic pieces as well. Bird cage veils, jeweled bobby pins, and single blooms still have a beautiful impact on most bridal styles so you can be sure there is an accessory for your style.

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