Wedding themes for every couple style

Choosing your wedding theme depends on a few things like where you live, how big your guest list is and perhaps where the families of the bride and groom live. It also heavily depends on your “couple” style. Some people are low key, no fuss no muss, less is more and they may choose something that reflects that like a private ceremony with only close friends and family in a picturesque country backyard. Other couples spare no expense, the bigger the better, lots of glam and drama, spectacular venue with vallet where everyone is drenched in champagne. No matter what theme, there are endless choices. Here are few from weddings I have been too and coordinated.

Katelyn & Troy- Outdoor Barn wedding

Venue: Family Home Campbellford ON




The Kiss

Bridal party



Head Table kWhole wedding 1

Jessica & Jeremy- New Year’s Eve Wedding

Venue: The Burroughes Building Toronto ON

Jer Dressing


The Cake top

Black and white newlyweds

Bridal Party Chill



The Kiss2

Nneka & Victor- Outdoor Ceremony, Indoor reception

Venue: Paradise Banquet Halls Vaughan ON




Nneka and Victor DSC_6723

Bridesmaids Nneka 6775

Nneka chair decorNneka and Victor

Photo credits: Little Tree Photography; Derek Campbell Photography

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