7 Wedding Etiquette Tips You Need To Know

  1. How to tactfully communicate “no children” at the wedding

No kidsIt might be prudent to enclose a handwritten note inside the invitation envelope to relatives and friends explaining that as much as you would love to invite their children, you simply cannot do so because of space or cost limitations. It’s very important to ensure your guests understand and comply with your wishes; you may also have to reiterate this if they contact your clarification.

bride2. Should you invite your ex to the wedding?

This is tricky; for the most part the answer would be no- for a few reasons. Firstly you want the attention to be on you and your new spouse. Seeing an ex present may shift the focus and perhaps initiate chatter from the remaining guests. Even if you have a very amicable relationship with them, be realistic. You don’t want your new spouse to be to feel uncomfortable so unless you both have a great relationship with your ex, it would be wise to not invite them.

  1. Do you need to feed the vendors?

Yes. Straight and simple, most vendors may stipulate that they are to be provided with a meal in their contracts. While you are not obligated to serve them alcoholic beverages, providing a meal while they are working at your wedding is a kind and polite gesture that will get your great service.

  1. When to send out “Thank You” notes

Thank-You-QuotesSome may have heard through the grapevine that you have up to a year to send out your thank-you cards- you have been led astray my friends! Within 3 months is appropriate to send them out if you receive your gifts on the day of the wedding. Anything before the wedding should be sent right away, after the wedding, two weeks.

5. Do I need to tip? How does it work?

Tipping can depend on where you live and, in some instances, is already included in your overall fee (especially when dealing with caterers or banquet Moneyhalls). Be sure to clarify this before you sign your contracts. A tip anywhere from 15-20% can be given to your venue coordinator, limo driver and planner. If other vendors such as florists, bakers, musicians or photographers do an exceptional job or added service you can tip them as well but it’s not mandatory.

  1. Should you ever propose at another wedding?

As romantic as it may sound, think of it as stealing the thunder from the couple who just got married. Clear it with them first and gaProposalge their reaction, they might not say “no” directly but if you sense apprehension then it’s a no. However if they do agree and seem excited about it, try to do it after the bouquet toss or during a break in the reception towards the end of the night. That way the focus is still on the new bride and groom…good chance it will be a “no” though!

  1. Mobile Manners

Nothing can kill the moment more than being in the middle of your vows and someone’s cell starts playing the latest Beyonce club anthem. There are a couple of Cellsways you can politely ask your guest to turn off their phones during the ceremony. One way is to put it in the program; everyone reads the program cover to cover while they are waiting so that will remind them. You can also create a sign by the entrance beside the guest book that asks them to please turn off their electronic devices. Lastly, one of the groomsmen can make an announcement a few moments before the ceremony begins or have a cute member of the bridal party send the message!

Images: www.dailymail.co.uk;www.questforum.org;www.weddingwire.com; groomsadvice.com

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