4 Tricks to help you conquer your wedding shoes

Whether you are a bride who likes to keep it simple or if you are the type to go over the top: bridal shoes are one of the most important bridal accessories…ever! Not only do they have to be a great height, the right shade of white (or whatever color your dress will be) but they also have to be comfortable. Here’s how to find and master your shoes for the big day!

  1. Shop in the a.m.

shopping-mall-580As someone who was in business retail management for years, try to shop in the morning. Several reasons, the stores are much quieter which means more one on one with the sales associate = better customer service. Another reason is that your feet won’t be swollen like they are at the end of the day; you will have a better idea as to the proper fit minus the excess water! Lastly, stock comes in for the most part in the mornings, if you have been waiting to try a particular size they didn’t have the last time you were there, it may have come in.

  1. Find the right height

It’s imperative that the shoes you choose to wear for your wedding day are a shoesreasonable height. This is obvious for many reasons. I tell my girlfriends all the time that if I am spending top dollar for and shoes…I’m wearing them all night! You will be standing for the majority of the day, walking down the aisle, pictures will take at least 2 hours and dancing after dinner. You don’t want sore feet and if you have to take your shoes off at all during the night, good luck getting them back on! Find a height that is comfortable and realistic for you!

  1. Know your shoe material

If you are wearing anything that is synthetic do not bank on it stretching, so if it pinches now, it will always pinch. Patent leathers, fabric and other synthetic materials unless stretched in the store for a good 30 minutes, will not stretch to fit the shape of your foot. However, if the shoes are leather inside and out, it will still take some time but get breaking them in now! Which brings me to my next point…

  1. Break them in early

breaking-in-your-wedding-heelsIt’s a good idea as soon as you get them, start wearing them around them around the house! Make dinner in them, watch a movie in them, bathe the kids in them! Just wear them so they mold to your foot (if they don’t need to be stretched) this will help you get used to wearing them for longer periods of time.

If all else fails, then be sure to grab a cute pair of flats for you to switch into if you know for sure you won’t be able to last in them for the duration of the day!

Photo credits: mavenbride.com; hitched-events.com

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