Questions to ask your wedding photographer before you hire them (Part 2)

  1. Do you bring a second shooter? This is more important than you think, there are many things that won’t get captured for example the emotion of the bride and groom as she walks down the aisle. You may get a behind shot, but with one photographer, you won’t get those other candid moments.
  2. Do you have a limit to the number of shots you take? The answer is usually no
  3. How many images can I expect to see from my wedding? It’s typical for most photographer’s to take anywhere from 1200-1500 images. However it’s unlikely you will see them all; in most cases the couples will see anything from 150-400 pictures.
  4. Roughly how long does it take to see proofs? Everyone is different, having a ballpark idea is good so you can follow up.
  5. Will I receive disc of the images or do I need to order prints through you?
  6. How much are the prints?
  7. Is there an album included? If yes, then ask to see it before committing!
  8. If there is an emergency or you become ill, what is the backup plan for my wedding? This is an extremely important question. There have been horror stories of photographers not showing up on time or at all. You need to have some sort of guarantee since you will be putting down a deposit, that they have a second person (whom you will meet and discuss the same things with).
  9. When is the deposit and balance due? Knowing this will give you ample time to plan ahead and organize your payment schedule along with your other vendors.
  10. What is your cancellation policy? Don’t wait to see if something is mentioned in the contract, ask first, then follow up by asking if what they tell you is put in the contract and to show you where it is.

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