How to find the perfect bridal gown to fit your body type

Every soon-to-be bride wants to look like a princess on the big day so knowing your body type is crucial. It’s important to keep in mind that you want a dress that will accentuate or conceal certain areas so that not only do you look great but you feel just as great. Here are some tips on how to find a dress that flatters your figure, no matter your shape!

Body Types


The Hourglass

If you have the hourglass shape that means your shoulder and hips are relatively the same size and you have a defined waist. The best bridal gown silhouettes for this body type would be:

  • Ball Gown- The structured bodice will accentuate your waist and create an ultra feminine look.
  • Mermaid/ Trumpet- Fitted more so from the top to upper or mid thigh will highlight your jaw dropping curves.
  • Sheath-With a streamlined shape, this style will be sure to emphasize everything equally and in a modest way.

The Triangle

If your hips are wider than your shoulders, these are the go to dress shapes for you:

  • A-Line- As implied in the name, the “A” aspect of the dress angles gently away from the body to hide your hips slightly.
  • Ball Gown- Similar to the A-Line, you want to choose a ball gown that has a natural waist and a skirt that flow away from the hips so as not to draw undue attention to your hips.
  • Short Dresses- You have some flexibility here since it can either be a flowing sheath or a fitted bodice, a shorter hemline can help show off all the right areas.

The Inverted Triangle

This body type as suggested is when your shoulders are wider than you hips; the following are best suited for this figure:

  • Mermaid/Trumpet- will help to give you a little more in the hip area to balance out those strong and shapely shoulders.
  • Short Dresses- Paired with some fabulous heels, a shorter hemline will draw attention to your lower half (and legs) which will in turn level out your top half.
  • Ball Gown- Essentially this dress type seems to work for every figure thus far, but the ball gown here in this instance again can help you “fake” what you don’t have on the bottom.

The Rectangle

Women with shoulders, waist and hips being equal can choose from these options of dresses that will help to “create”:

  • Short Dresses- You can basically “create” curves with a fitted bodice or flowing sheath paired with the shorter hemline.
  • A-Line- Again, can “create” that hourglass waistline if it cinches slightly and then flows outward.
  • Sheath- If you aim for a more bias-cut in a very soft fabric that flows, it will also “create” curves in the right areas.

The Round and Curvy

Women who have a fuller, rounder figure do best to focus on the fit of the dress:

  • Ball gown- Although, avoid this if you are bit on the shorter side, you don’t want to appear as a cream puff!
  • Empire waist- Quite fitted in the bust area then flares out beautifully
  • Goddess/One shoulder- Another option that stay snug under the bust and flows out skimming the body nicely.

Tip: Asymmetrical ruching in the right areas can help give the appearance of a narrower waist if that is your goal.

Feature Article in The Wedding Planner Magazine- Summer 2015 issue

I was so happy when I was asked to write an article for the magazine I currently work for. I really enjoyed writing this and am thankful for the opportunity! I’d like to applaud all of my amazingly talented and hard working colleagues who put so much time and dedication into this publication. Please go to our website and see all of their incredible work. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  I hope you enjoy! AV.

Ash ArticleClick article to read.

Successfully choose the perfect Bridesmaid dress

Hunting for the perfect bridesmaid dress can be so much fun for a bride and her bridal party in many ways or it can be a nightmare. It really depends on the type of bride you have, what her vision is and how flexible she is. Some brides give their bridal party the exact color and tell them to find whatever they want. Other brides give a color and perhaps a length specification and then tell them to go on the search. Then you have those brides who know the color, style, length, accessories and don’t allow their bridesmaids to have any say at all. With so many variables, it can be difficult to determine where to start this process. Here are some helpful tips to make it a bit smoother and fun!

  1. Plan a bridal party night

Get together with the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids, have some wine, everyone bring a magazine and have a great playlist ready! This kills a couple birds with one stone. If your bridal party doesn’t know each other, this is a great bonding opportunity. You can all openly discuss everything from styles to colors and come to a happy medium.real-life-bridesmaid-dress-shopping-at-maids-to-measure-Maids_to_Measure_WIM-26

  1. Talk Budget

This can be daunting as money is always an uncomfortable discussion to have with anyone, but the one person who needs to know your budget is the bride. This may be something that the bride will most likely have to initiate with each of her bridesmaids. Have a very honest and frank conversation with her about a budget you are comfortable with. Ultimately this will give the bride the ability to come up with a maximum budget that works for everyone so that no one is strained financially.

  1. Keep in mind body type

Here is where it can get tricky if your bride isn’t open to many suggestions, not the ideal situation but it happens. In a perfect world if the whole bridal party has the same body shape, then the same style of dress will work for everyone. But women come in various shapes, sizes and heights so it is unlikely that Purple_Bridesmaids_Dresses1the same style of dress will suit a woman who is 5’11 with long legs versus a woman who is perhaps heavier set and very curvy. Doing some research surrounding what dress styles match specific body types will really make the bridal party feel like they are cared about.

  1. Set a “lock in” date

One last but very important aspect of hunting for the perfect bridesmaid dress is to set in a “lock in” date with the girls. It means exactly what it implies, when the date arrives it’s “locked in” and no more changes are then made. Lock in dates, are put into place to keep the flow of productivity consistent so time isn’t wasted. As that date approaches, finalize the dresses and ensure your finances are in order to put down at least 20%. When the lock in date arrives- no more changes can be made, the dresses are ordered and that is that.

Team work, openness and compromise are the keys to finding great dresses, bonding with your bridal party and having fun during the planning process. Don’t forget the most important aspect is that your friendships are important and still need to be nurtured to ensure you will have supportive friends throughout your upcoming marriage!

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3 ways to avoid overspending your wedding budget and keep you on track

So often, couples get caught up in the moments they share during the planning stages and the overall excitement that before they realize it, they’ve overspent on their budget. I am sure that you have all been told that “the first year of marriage can be the most difficult,” so adding on financial debt to that potentially difficult adjustment period will result in stress levels going  through the roof. No one needs that, so here are 3 easy ways to avoid overspending on your wedding.

  1. Hire a Planner

weddingplanner2I know what you are thinking “Ashley you are a planner, you’re selling yourself” and while you are absolutely correct, I am a planner; the reason why you are reading this post is because I know what I am talking about BECAUSE I am a planner. Planners know the in’s and out’s of the wedding industry and if they don’t, they find out so you don’t have too. They have relationships with vendors and can negotiate expenses for you. Yes, planners can seem costly, but only to those to who don’t recognize their value. Planners can make a living off wedding planning because it takes the same amount of time and effort as your full time job. Our jobs are to do the work for you from start to finish, so as to minimize your stress level as a couple and leave more room for shopping for the dress! Speaking  of the dress…

  1. The Dress

Sorry ladies, I know the dress is essentially the most important aspect of your planning but it can also be the most costly. This is not to say you aren’t supposed to have the dress of your dreams but if your dress costs $6000 and your guests are eating hotdogs roasted over an open fire…you see where I am going with this. Do some research and find out when the bridal trunk shovestido-corpows are and where the designer bridal gown sales are…or (ahem) if you’ve hired a planner, find out from your planner and they will give you some direction. If you overspend in this area, it will spill into cutting your guest list short to ensure everyone’s dinner and drinks are covered or having to skip the florals and décor to spruce up your venue. Now, having mentioned the venue…

  1. The Venue

Bride drinking and groom on laptopSearching for the venue can be tiring but its necessary unless you plan to get married in a lovely outdoor backyard ceremony. In that case, you won’t be paying for the venue, or corking fees, or insurance, or any other “undercover” behind the scenes fees that are in the fine print of your contract that you may not have caught. Prime example, I did a “day of” wedding coordination this past year and by the time the reception was well under way and everyone was having a great time, the venue coordinator text messaged me. She asked if the celebration would be done by 1:30am, as in everything done, cleared out and over. I told her no way, she proceeded to tell me that if that was the case, the couple would be charged an additional $500. I ended up being able to negotiate with her and luckily it worked out but because the bride and groom hadn’t fully looked over the fine print, they almost got nipped! (Again, perks of having a planner- the venue coordinator would’ve had to interrupt the bride and groom in the middle of the party to break the bad news).

Although there are many ways to save, these are just 3 of the biggest and will ensure that your wedding planning not only continues smoothly but without the stress of overspending. The first year of marriage shouldn’t be under the burden of financial debt but the focus of solidarity and building towards a bright future for the both of you.