Classic Love Songs: Our Top Picks

Struggling to find a first dance song? These might be oldies but they are goodies in so many ways! Here are our top 10 classic love song picks of all time!

Unchained Melody

One of our absolute favorites and always will be.

Your Song– Elton John

We won’t lie, this makes us relive Moulin Rouge all over again!

I Will Always Love You

Yes Whitney YES!

Endless Love– Diana Ross and Lionel Richie

A few renditions of this song have been done (thank you Luther and Mariah) but this one…

I Knew I Loved You– Savage Garden

We recall circa ’99 when this super sappy song was released…it’s still makes the top 10.

I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

Okay, okay so maybe I bawled like a third-grade sissy during the movie Armageddon…can you blame me?! Shout out to my child hood friend John Hamlin, this is our grade 7 throw back tribute! (Gets teary eyed)

My Heart Will Go On

“I jump, you jump, right?” Yep.

(Everything I Do) I Do It for You– Bryan Adams

Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song (Robin Hood) This song was a heart twinging tear jerker in the early 90’s.

Take My Breath Away– Berlin

Ahh yes, Top Gun: Tom Cruise…Nicole Kidman’s amazing hair- Berlin took our breath away!

I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Michael Jackson debut this song in ’87 and we won’t stop loving MJ either.

Feature Article in The Wedding Planner Magazine- Summer 2015 issue

I was so happy when I was asked to write an article for the magazine I currently work for. I really enjoyed writing this and am thankful for the opportunity! I’d like to applaud all of my amazingly talented and hard working colleagues who put so much time and dedication into this publication. Please go to our website and see all of their incredible work. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  I hope you enjoy! AV.

Ash ArticleClick article to read.

How To Choose Your Wedding Song

That first dance as newly weds is a spectacular yet very intimate moment you get to spend with your new spouse.  It’s probably the only significant amount of time you will actually get to spend with them during the remainder of the reception- you have guests to entertain and catch up with!  Before choosing, a few things should be kept in mind.

First, you need to determine what I like to call “your couple style”. What does this mean? Well, are you both sappy romantics, lovers of classics, quirky and full of humor, intense…? Since you have been a couple for sometime, there are sure to be songs in various genres that you both love or connect with. Once you determine this it will be easier to narrow down the genre of the song you want to choose.

Next important thing to keep in mind is your guests. Now, grandma and grandpa can party with the best of them but they may not appreciate the raunchier sometimes inappropriate songs.  You want to be certain that your selection will not come across as offensive or distasteful. So be wary of lyrics and expressions made in the song before choosing.

One last thing to take into consideration is for the song to represent you both in a way that is memorable. Whether it’s the song that was playing at the lounge the night you both met, or a song you both love to crank in the car on road trips or even a song he played to tell you he was thinking of you. Have it be a song that immediately connects the two of you and reinforces the bond you share.

If you have trouble deciding, pull out some old Cd’s, call the girls over, snuggle up on the couch with your honey and go through some playlists and narrow your list down and then choose through process of elimination!